In 2004 Mercedes and Pedro Sánchez Alegre created the company PERU MARKET Export & Import in Lima with the aim of promoting, selling and exporting a selection of fine quality products made by artisans, micro-entrepreneurs, designers and goldsmiths from Peru.


This is how this great adventure began, drawing the logo of a small exporting bird that would take the new treasures of Peru to Switzerland, where Mercedes has lived for thirty years.


Mercedes Lamborelle is a Communication Specialist and has worked at the United Nations making videos and publications in projects related to Micro Finance, PMEs, Distance Learning, Women’s Empowerment and other programs in Africa and Latin America. 

Her experience at the United Nations was oriented to Trade and Development. For this reason, working in FASHION, building a bridge between Peru and Switzerland, would allow us to continue working with artists, micro-entrepreneurs and artisans.

After different experiences in developing countries and in Peru, she decided to create her own brand AWANA Alpaca and works with women weavers in Peru designing and promoting textiles and accessories in alpaca fibers. She works closely with women weavers to ensure work is completed to fashion’s high standards. 

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