AWANA Alpaca is an exclusive brand of PERU MARKET that offers luxury collections of contemporary clothing and accessories in alpaca fiber. Through AWANA ALPACA as a bridge, we want to work with artisans and women weavers in order to connect them with Fashion and international markets.

At the same time, AWANA ALPACA also works with Peruvian entrepreneurs to promote digital prints. Mercedes Lamborelle.

We also promote and sell in Switzerland products from other designers and from other Peruvian companies (ponchos, capes, shawls, scarves that are made in well-known factories).

AWANA means in “Quechua“, the historical language of the Incas, hand knitted.


  1. Empower and inspire communities working in fashion and  offer sustainable development opportunities to  micro-entrepreneurs and women weavers in Peru.

  2. Be the bridge between Peruvian women weavers and designers with the Swiss and European markets.

  3. Contribute to the economic development of association of women weavers and develop AWANA fashion collections with the know-how and talent of weavers to perpetuate the peruvian ancestral tradition.

  4. Make designs and creations with art and explore the organic threads and natural colors of indigenous peoples.

  5. Develop a social business. Win-Win opportunities

OUR mission

Provide artisans and women weavers, the opportunity to work  on projects that provide them a source of income, as well as learn skills to prepare alpaca accesoires with the current fashion trends.

Actually, Mercedes Lamborelle prepares in Switzerland the creations and designs with color palettes of the HAND MADE collection while monitoring the different stages of production with artisans and weavers to present each year the AWANA collection in prestigious boutiques in Geneva, Switzerland.

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In July 2022, we received the “Alpaca del Peru” license officially granted by Rosario Pajuelo, Director of PROMPERU France.

We are grateful to the Awana Alpaca team and Promperu for this recognition and we will continue working to promote the Marca Pais Peru in different parts of the world.

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